Good Lawyers Know The Law

Great Lawyers Know The Jury

Our service, known as Juror13, provides for an extra educated set of eyes and ears in the courtroom all day, every day you are in trial. We’re able to observe the jury when you can’t. We provide inputs as necessary during the trial and a complete report each night that will tell you:

1) Who the jury ‘likes’ and who they don’t.

2) Who they believe, witness by witness.

3) Which side is ‘scoring’ and which side isn’t.

4) An opinion as to which jurors are ‘with us’ and how many are yet to be persuaded.

Unlike other similar services, our approach is designed to be Affordable. We provide a degree of ‘vertical integration’ to your Total Trial Stratagies in that we are also able to plan and produce the visual presentation of your evidence (see as well as comprehensive reports on each potential juror (see With VoirDireInc, the objective is twofold. First, want the best jurors to hear your case based on a ‘perfect juror’ profile you provide us, but more importantly, we want to identify that ‘poison pill’ juror in front of whom You cannot try your case. What I’ve concluded, after 20 years of working with good lawyers is this; most cases are won or lost right after the jury is impaneled and opening statements are delivered. The rest of the time is spent trying to convince people whose mind is already made up. Success depends upon getting those two things right on the front end. Further conversation about methods, techniques & costs can be discussed in person or via telephone with lawyers or legal staff only.


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